Now Live on the Play Store, the Spot@Stroke app

Introducing the Spot@Stroke app

I  have released the Spot @ Stroke app, an app designed for people living remotely and at risk of having a Stroke.

Monitor your health from home

Stroke affects six million people world wide, or one person every two seconds, this app can help people that might be at risk that might suffer from the following conditions:

  •  High blood pressure (hypertension)
  •  Smoking
  •  Diabetes
  •  High Cholesterol
  •  Overweight (obesity)
  •  Inactivity (Lack of exercise)
  •  A family History of stroke
  •  Heart Disease
  •  Irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation)
  •  Disease of major neck (carotid/vertebral) arteries resulting in narrowing called stenosis
  •  Peripheral vascular disease (circulation problems)

Spot@Stroke is an app that enables people at risk of having a stroke to monitor your health in the comfort of their own home.

The user is able to:
1, View a Stroke check list
2, View/Add contacts
3, View and send position VIA SMS
4, Take two photos of key symptoms of a Stroke
4.1 Take a video of a key symptoms of a Stroke
5, View previous photos/videos and share the media through many platforms
6, And we even have a handy flash light for your use

This app is currently in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian

Stroke Checklist

Send position by SMS and user can view their location on Google maps

SMS generated by the app

The process:

1, User is prompted to take a photo of their smile, to check for signs of drooping

2, User is prompted to take a photo of their tongue, if the tongue is crooked, this is a sign of Stroke

3, User is prompted to speak into a video to check for slurring of words

Notification sent to user if they are feeling bad and Stroke Checklist pulses red

Notification sent to user if they are feeling good

Stroke check list - If one question is checked, the user can call someone VIA their phone

Call to the users contacts can be made from with in the app

Add/View contacts - User can make calls from here

The next post will cover the Media share functionality...